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"He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak."

What to expect from your initial consultation:

A complete and confidential medical, psychological, family, social, and personal history will be taken. These individual factors are vital to treatment success. The initial consultation allows us to get acquainted, establish rapport, and provide necessary information to treat your specific problem. Your analyst will discuss with you whether your problem can be treated with medical hypnosis and/or counseling. We may estimate how many sessions will be required to help you resolve your problem.

We offer three types of services...

We offer psychotherapy, teletherapy and hypnotherapy. Psychotherapy is completed in the office setting and may be discussed as a possible option for treatment after your initial consultation. Teletherapy allows for a relationship between the therapist and patient over the phone and can often be a good option for patients that would prefer treatment from the comfort of their own home. Hypnotherapy is not performed over the phone. More information on hypnotherapy can be found below.

Information on Hypnotherapy

During hypnotherapy you remain aware and in control during all hypnotic sessions. The analyst guides you into a state of deep relaxation and helps you to find the root cause of your problem by means of a specifically designed word association exercise, dream analysis or age regressions. As a result, you and your analyst have greater access to the subconscious attitudes and feelings that shape behavior. Once the underlying reason of the problem has been identified, gentle suggestions are used, helping you to untie the subconscious knot and free you to live a healthier, more productive life. The old negative thought patterns are replaced using positive suggestions, which, in turn, can lead to a well, emotionally balanced, mature individual.

Surgical and Dental Hypnosis

In working with patients who are overcome with anxiety and apprehension before surgery or a dental procedure inducting the patient into a hypnotic state will alleviate their fears, reduce their anxiety and apprehension and produce a sensation of relaxation. Each patient that comes into the office before the procedure will be taught self-hypnosis. In minimizing pain, the recovery process will be much easier, and healing will occur rapidly. 

Stopping smoking with Hypnosis

In deciding to start this program, it is essential that you really desire to stop smoking. I cannot make you stop the smoking, or for that matter, make you do anything. I can, however, assist you to become a successful non-smoker if you really want to. No matter how long you have smoked or how much you smoke, you can successfully join the ranks of non-smokers. The program is five sessions, broken down by three in the first week, one session the second week and one session two weeks later. Our philosophy is not to make you stop smoking, but rather, to help you never start smoking again. With our treatment program very few people have trouble with weight gain or any other problem associated with breaking the smoking habit. It is as though you have entered a new and better life and are happy to be there. Our office does not bill insurance for the smoking cessation program or certain types of hypnosis, such as success programs, sports, etc.

Permanent weight loss with Hypnosis

Overeating is a symptom of an underlying disorder. People that overeat really don't want to, but they have a compulsion to do so. Compulsions come from feelings and feelings come from thoughts. We can help you find the (subconscious) thoughts that have led to the feelings that have caused eating compulsion. You are a unique individual and what causes a subconscious need for overeating in one person may not apply to you or anyone else. This is not a rapid weight loss program. We do not use diets. Medical hypnosis is not a magic trick, it is a process to help you find the underlying reason for your eating compulsion. On your first visit a very extensive history will be taken that generally takes an hour or more. On the second session you will be taught hypnosis and you will receive protective suggestions that are given to all patients. You will also receive some general suggestions regarding eating and eating behavior. In subsequent sessions you will uncover and discard subconscious needs for overeating. As you discard these subconscious needs, the suggestions become more and more specific and effective for your problem. Initially, we like to see you once a week and gradually the sessions can be spaced further apart. When these causes have been removed weight loss can be permanent.


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