Our Policies

Scheduling and After-hours

All appointments are to be scheduled ahead of time, walk-ins are not accepted.

After hours calls will be returned within 24 hours, and you must leave a message with a call back phone number and reason for calling. Please contact 911 or go to your local emergency room if your issue is immediate or life threatening.


Coverage for these services will fall under the category of "Outpatient Psychotherapy" by a licensed counselor. Your medical insurance may cover all or part of your therapy and we are "In-network" with most Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). We will submit your insurance for you; however, the charges are still your responsibility. Having insurance coverage is not a guarantee of payment.

*Our office does not bill insurance for the smoking cessation program or certain types of hypnosis, such as success programs, sports, etc.

Cost of Services

Psychotherapy Consultation


Individual Psychotherapy Session


Patients who wish to pay cash are charged $125 for the consultation and $100 for a 50 minute individual Psychotherapy session.  This only applies to Psychotherapy patients.

Smoking Cessation Program


  • 6 sessions - Non Refundable, Couples Discount Applies

Professional letter, FMLA form completion or other professional forms

starting at $100.00

45 Minute Established Session


  • 6 sessions

Initial Session



Please print, fill out and return all forms by fax to 970-674-0221 or mail to:
The Medical Hypnosis and Counseling Center 1180 Main Street, Suite 5B, Windsor, CO 80550:

Accepted Credit Cards

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